ISMP Cheers Awards

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In our ongoing effort to improve patient safety, ISMP takes great joy in recognizing others who share this same vision for the future.  Each year, ISMP presents numerous awards to individuals who have significantly impacted the healthcare community through medication safety initiatives. 

ISMP Cheers Award

Medication safety leaders from all healthcare disciplines and all practice areas, including acute, long-term, home care, and community settings, are eligible to receive an ISMP Cheers Award. Some of the many past winners have included representatives from hospitals and health systems, professional associations, retail pharmacies, and federal agencies as well as individual advocates.

ISMP Lifetime Achievement Award

The ISMP Lifetime Achievement Award honors an individual who has had a significant career history of making ongoing contributions to patient safety and has had a major impact on safe medication practices. It is given in memory of ISMP Trustee David P. Vogel, RPh, who worked tirelessly to help promote safe medication practices, including acting as a member of the consultant team for health system site surveys.

ISMP Medication Safety Alert!® Subscriber Award

The ISMP Medication Safety Alert!® Subscriber Award is presented to a healthcare organization that demonstrates the following:

  • Widespread distribution of the ISMP Medication Safety Alert!® and/or other ISMP newsletters to educate staff
  • Use of the ISMP Medication Safety Alert!® and/or other ISMP newsletters by a multidisciplinary committee to plan proactive error reduction strategies
  • Successful implementation of proactive error reduction strategies based on recommendations made in the ISMP Medication Safety Alert!® and/or other ISMP newsletters.

George DiDomizio Award

The George DiDomizio Award honors organizations that have made important and lasting contributions to patient safety.  ISMP established the George DiDomizio Award in 2012 in memory of the late ISMP Board member who served as a steadfast advocate for medication safety within the pharmaceutical research and development community. Before his death in July 2012, George served for many years as a trusted ISMP advisor and as a leader in safety testing of drug names to avoid look-alike and sound-alike medication errors.

Nomination and Selection Process

Nominations for ISMP awards are accepted throughout the year. The Nomination and Award Subcommittee of the ISMP Board of Trustees reviews all nomination materials submitted and scores each nominee using a standard process. The committee then recommends potential honorees to the full ISMP Board of Trustees, which grants final approval of all award winners.

Awards Dinner and Ceremony

The ISMP Awards are presented during an evening ceremony in early December of each year. ISMP will provide a travel stipend for a representative of each award recipient to attend the award reception and dinner.