Foundations in Medication Safety: Acute Care

Few healthcare professionals have had dedicated education on medication safety, and healthcare organizations with increasingly limited resources often struggle to consistently train frontline staff during new hire orientations or offer annual programming. ISMP has developed the Foundations in Medication Safety program to meet this need.

The 45-minute online program for acute care organizations provides a reliable, cost-effective way to ensure their practitioners have the baseline knowledge needed to promote safe medication use, improve patient outcomes and create the best patient and customer experience.

Content is delivered in narrated, asynchronous segments that present real case scenarios, and in-program questions are presented throughout to ensure understanding. Organizations are able to track staff participation and program completion.

Topics covered include:

  • How to define an adverse drug event (ADE), adverse drug reaction (ADR), and medication error

  • How to define latent failures and active failures, and the role each plays when a medication error occurs

  • Types of medication errors that take place across the medication-use system

  • The difference between human error and at-risk behavior

  • The importance of sharing concerns and reporting medication errors

  • Primary strategies for error reduction and detection

Please note that Foundations in Medication Safety is available ONLY TO HEALTHCARE ORGANIZATIONS through annual subscription. The program is not available for purchase by individuals. 

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