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To help protect patients worldwide

As the most respected global organization focused on safe medication practices, patients depend on us.  We are the only 501c (3) non-profit organization devoted entirely to preventing medication errors.  We rely on charitable donations, educational grants, newsletter subscriptions, and volunteer efforts to pursue this life-saving work.

There are many ways you can help ISMP to build a safer future for millions of patients

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Report an Error

Communication of medication errors is critical to preventing future events.  If you have experienced or heard about a safety risk or error, please notify us through one of our medication error reporting programs.  A simple report can protect millions of patients. Find out more about the ISMP Medication Error Reporting Programs here.

Thanks to your contributions, we have been able to offer the following:

  • First voluntary National Medication Errors Reporting Program (MERP)
  • Comprehensive investigations into reported medication errors to identify root causes and drive medication error prevention strategies worldwide
  • Real-time newsletters and up-to-the minute alerts on safety information read and trusted by healthcare practitioners, consumers, regulators, and the media
  • Ongoing advocacy with manufacturers to change medication names, labels, and packaging to avoid fatal medication errors
  • Groundbreaking medication safety self assessments for healthcare organizations
  • Free guidelines and tools, including safe use of medication-related technology, risk reduction strategies for high-alert medications, and a compendium of useful lists to identify high-alert drugs, commonly confused drug names, and tall man lettering for medications