Specialty Pharmacy Membership

Specialty pharmacies, who are operating in one of the largest, most rapidly evolving pharmacy segments, face many of the same legal and regulatory issues as traditional pharmacies. Yet there are additional challenges, specific to the complex environment, medications, and patients served.

Expert tools and resources can help in identifying and mitigating medication-related risks and support regulatory compliance.

Our Specialty Pharmacy membership provides a comprehensive subscription-based solution that is built on a platform in conjunction with ECRI. This membership provides actionable guidance and practical strategies for anyone involved in managing risk or medications. Expert research and advice address a wide range of risk factors.

Membership Benefits*

Membership can include access to:

  • Specialty Drug Proactive Risk Assessments

  • ISMP Medication Safety Self Assessment® for Specialty Pharmacy

  • User Group Access to share learnings

  • ISMP Medication Safety Alert!® Community/Ambulatory Care newsletter

  • Guidance resources, tools, and best practices

*Different levels of membership are currently available for Specialty Pharmacy.

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