Gap Analysis Tool for Safe IV Push Medication Practices

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While much emphasis has been placed on the improvement of IV infusion safety, there remains limited national advancement regarding standardized safe practices associated with IV push injection safety. With harmful outcomes at stake, ISMP believes it is essential to provide healthcare practitioners with a useful tool to assist them in identifying and managing targeted risks associated with IV push use.

The ISMP Gap Analysis Tool (GAT) for Safe IV Push Medication Practices is designed to:

  • Heighten healthcare practitioners’ awareness of safe medication systems and practices associated with IV push medication use in adult patients.
  • Assist healthcare practitioners with identifying and prioritizing opportunities for reducing patient harm when preparing, dispensing, and administering IV push medications in adults.
  • Create a baseline of national efforts to enhance safety when preparing, dispensing, and administering, IV push medications in adults.

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This tool is available at no charge, thanks to the generous support of Baxter Healthcare Corporation.

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