Data Analysis and Coaching

data analysis

Are you collecting lots of data about your medication-use process? So much that you don’t know what to do with it? Are you using medication error reports as your sole source of identifying risk in your organization or as a way to calculate an error rate? Having worked with hundreds of institutions, ISMP understands the many nuances that can impact your successful use of collected data to measure medication safety.

ISMP's Customized Data Analysis and Coaching

ISMP will work confidentially with you and your organization to optimize your medication safety data collection efforts and enhance organizational capabilities to manage and reduce risk.

Our multidisciplinary staff can help you:

  • Avoid using error reporting rates as a measure of success or failure
  • Define and collect meaningful metrics to measure patient harm and/or core processes
  • Utilize essential information from medication-related technology
  • Perform system-based analysis of information
  • Make data-driven decisions to advance medication safety

We can create a custom plan to fit your needs:

  • Onsite evaluation
  • Remote/virtual coaching
  • ISMP workshop on Measuring Medication Safety  


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