Cheers Nominations

Nominations are currently closed.

Nomination Criteria 

To be considered for an award, nominations must meet the following criteria:

  • Identify a medication safety problem (only one problem per nomination) and create/implement a healthcare safety and quality improvement project to address the issue
    • Clearly identify and describe the problem
    • Include the project timeline and interdisciplinary team members
    • Outline/describe strategies involved
  • Demonstrate the results of the medication safety project including safety and quality performance outcomes and document utilization of continuous performance improvement
    • Include description of measures
    • Provide recent data to show progress and/or sustainability
    • Identify barriers and lessons learned
  • Utilize external resources including some of ISMP resources, tools, or guidelines to identify strategies to implement  

Nomination Process

To submit a nomination, complete the following steps:

  1. Complete and submit the online nomination form, which includes the following:
    • Submitter and nominee contact information
    • Short abstract describing the nomination (1,500 characters maximum)
  2. Email supporting documents, including the following:  
    • Project write-up in a word document format (2,000 words maximum)
    • Supplemental information including graphs and images in a word document format (3 pages maximum)

Nominations are currently closed.