Be Part of the Mission

As the only 501c (3) non-profit organization devoted entirely to preventing medication errors, ISMP depends on grant support to provide numerous educational and reporting services.

Your corporate sponsorship can provide the resources necessary to offer:

Fellowships:  One-year programs for healthcare professionals seeking career advancement
Symposia:  Informative continuing education programs on safe medication practices
Self Assessments:  Structured approach for organizations to assess safety risks, create action plans for change, and track progress
Summits:  Conferences for developing best practice guidelines
Collaboratives:  Industry collaborations addressing innovative strategies for proactive risk reduction
Educational Programs:  Webinars, lectures, freestanding events, and guest speakers for custom programs on medication error prevention
Newsletters: Subscription-based publication containing valuable resources and guidance on reduction of medication error risk
And so much more.

Contact ISMP to learn more about sponsorship and the impact your contribution can make on the future of medication safety.