Report a Vaccine Error

The ISMP National Vaccine Errors Reporting Program (ISMP VERP) is an internationally recognized program for healthcare professionals to share potential or actual errors that can occur with vaccines.  Reporting an error or hazardous condition is simple and confidential.

How to Report a Vaccine Error

We ask that you provide as much detail in your report as possible so that our experts can identify and characterize the likely causes and contributing factors. Specifically, include the following:

  • The details of what went wrong or could go wrong
  • The causes and contributing factors of the event
  • How the event or condition was discovered or intercepted
  • The actual or potential outcome of the involved patient(s)
  • Your recommendations for error prevention
  • Vaccine names and manufacturers 
  • Any associated materials that help support the report being submitted (e.g., photographs of products, containers, labels, product storage locations, de-identified prescription orders)

After you submit your confidential report, ISMP staff may follow up with you to ask additional questions to clarify what went wrong and to identify the causes and factors that contributed to the reported event.

Report a Vaccine Error


Report to ISMP as a Patient Safety Organization

You may prefer to report an adverse vaccine event to ISMP as a federally certified Patient Safety Organization (PSO). As a PSO, federal legal protection can be provided for certain patient safety information prepared within your patient safety evaluation system and submitted to ISMP. The protected information, called patient safety work product, includes information you provide about why the error happened or why the hazard exists, along with any further analysis of the event provided back to you by ISMP. The basic facts, whether written or observed, regarding what happened along with the patient’s medical/health records, are NOT considered patient safety work product and cannot be provided with federal protection in the event of a lawsuit. However, contextually identifiable information will NOT be disclosed outside ISMP unless we are legally compelled to do so. Click here to learn more about reporting an adverse event to ISMP as a PSO.

Report a Vaccine Error to ISMP PSO