Medication Safety Checkup

medication safety checkup

Need timely answers? In addition to comprehensive multi-day risk assessments, ISMP offers a one-day customized risk assessment that can help your organization quickly address specific medication safety challenges. It's cost effective. It's time effective. It's available virtually or in-person. And you get input from some of the nation's leading safety experts.

Have an ISMP Medication Safety Checkup and focus in on some of your key safety questions. Just one day can make a huge impact.

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ISMP can provide expert medication safety insight related to:

  • Targeted high-alert medication initiatives

  • Ambulatory surgery centers

  • Infusion centers

  • Diagnostic and procedural areas

  • Emergency departments

  • Pediatrics

  • Hospital-managed physician office practices

  • Error reporting and analysis

  • Medication Safety Committee infrastructure 

What Is Included?

Individualized ISMP analysis and support to address essentially any medication safety question or problem. Whether you are looking for new ideas to improve safety in specific practice areas or clinical locations, tackling a difficult new safety issue, or want to know how to better analyze and use your existing error reporting data, ISMP can help. 

How Long Does It Take?

One day virtually or onsite - an efficient use of your time for maximum results. ISMP experts will spend a day working collaboratively with your staff to problem solve and provide the impetus to transform your medication safety practices. 

Looking to focus in on some of your key safety questions?