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Companies begin move toward full implementation of ENFit

As organizations move toward full implementation of ENFit, manufacturers will begin to phase out legacy feeding tubes, syringes, and bags with attached administration sets for enteral feedings. Currently, enteral administration sets have an ENFit connector, but they also have a transition adaptor to connect with legacy feeding tubes. However, Cardinal Health (in July 2022) and Moog Medical (later this quarter) will begin removing the transition connectors from their administration set assemblies. Transition connectors will still be available, but only as stand-alone items. Furthermore, Cardinal has announced that, in July 2022, adult and pediatric nasogastric feeding tubes, pediatric extension sets, and gastrostomy feeding tubes will only be manufactured with the ENFit design. The Global Enteral Device Supplier Association (GEDSA) posts manufacturer updates on its website and has compiled the most recent information in a PDF document, which can be found here.