Liz Hess PharmD, MS, FISMP, CPPS

Associate Director, Medication Safety & Accreditation, UK HealthCare

2015-2016 ISMP Safe Medication Management Fellow Supported by Express Scripts Foundation

Liz Hess currently serves as the Associate Director of Medication Safety & Accreditation at UK HealthCare in Lexington, KY. She also serves as the Residency Program Director to the PGY2 Medication Use Safety and Policy program. She received her Doctorate of Pharmacy from The Ohio State University, then went on to complete a PGY1/PGY2/MS HSPA Residency at UNC Medical Center. Post-residency she completed the ISMP Safe Medication Management Fellowship. Her areas of interest include second victim, emergency preparedness, pharmacy operations, and accreditation. Her recent publications include the use of technology assisted workflow for sterile products and the impact of electronic health record transition on chemotherapy error reporting.

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Liz Hess