Deborah Wagner PharmD

Clinical Professor, Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy; Clinical Professor, Anesthesiology, Medical School, University of Michigan

Deborah Wagner, PharmD is a clinical professor for the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy a clinical professor for the Department of Anesthesiology in the School of Medicine. She received her PharmD degree from the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy and is a Fellow of the American Society of Health System Pharmacists. Dr. Wagner is the current pediatric safety coordinator for the Children’s and Women’s Hospital at Michigan Medicine. She was a finalist for the 2011 Award for Excellence in Medication Safety at the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health System for advancements in pain management therapy and safe practice in 2015 received the ISMP Medication Safety “CHEERS” award and was the runner up for the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundations Medication Safety award in 2018.

Dr. Wagner precepts PharmD students and residents, teaches for the College of Pharmacy, School of Medicine, and Graduate Nurse Practitioner program at the University. Dr. Wagner provides pain management consultation for the pediatric acute pain service has developed standardized pain management strategies for intravenous acetaminophen, elastomeric pain pumps, low dose lidocaine and ketamine infusions to enhance multimodal analgesia.  She participates in the medication safety taskforce within the Department of Anesthesiology develops clinical practice guidelines for the department and chairs the Pediatric Medication Safety Committee.

Deborah Wagner