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These resources are developed from ISMP's review of reports through its national error reporting programs, peer-reviewed articles in its publications, and/or consensus gathering summits on topics pertinent to specific errors  or hazards. ISMP offers a wide range of downloadable and easy to use resources. Many are free.

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Michael R. Cohen's comprehensive, authoritative examination of the causes of and means to preventing medication errors.
Book - Medication Errors Book (2nd Edition) Hardback: $104.45
In our August 24, 2006 newsletter, we shared the tragic story of a 16-year-old woman who died during labor due to accidental IV administration of a bag of epidural analgesia instead of penicillin. According to news reports, the nurse who was caring for the patient no longer works at the hospital...
As we began our Thanksgiving holiday last year, we had just learned that a 69-year-old woman had died due to a medication error that was caused in large part by an easily remedied safety problem-mistaken identity of products in unlabeled basins during a sterile procedure (ISMP Medication Safety...
This pocket-sized handy reference has important reference information every nurse and nursing student should carry along with them into the clinical setting.
Book - Mosby's Nursing PDQ for Medication Safety: $23.00