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Survey about NRFit transition

NRFit is the name selected by the Global Enteral Device Supplier Association (GEDSA) for ISO 80369-6-compliant neuraxial connectors, which are incompatible with the Luer system and other types of syringes (e.g., ENFit, oral syringes), thus preventing wrong route misconnections. We have previously shared information about NRFit devices and how they can safeguard neuraxial medication administration.

Now that vendors have made more NRFit products available, please consider completing GEDSA’s seven-question NRFit Awareness and Adoption - Clinical Survey to provide GEDSA and your organization with a better understanding of the barriers and enablers to transition to NRFit.

In 2014, The Joint Commission (TJC) released its Sentinel Event Alert 53: Managing Risk During Transition to New ISO Tubing Connector Standards, which you may find useful as a resource when planning for NRFit transition. We know that many organizations used this Sentinel Event Alert publication when planning their transition to ENFit devices.

We hope that the TJC resource, and the GEDSA website and information gathered from the survey results about NRFit awareness and adoption, will provide organizations with enough information to plan for transition to NRFit.