Products with Drug Name Suffixes

ISMP's List of Products with Drug Name Suffixes includes selected proprietary names that contain a suffix, along with the meaning of the suffix.

Drug and biological products within a product line may utilize the existing trademark with the addition of a suffix to help identify products rather than propose an entirely different trademark. As an unintended consequence, the use of drug name suffixes may contribute to confusion and medication errors. Errors involving products with suffixes may lead to an incorrect dosing interval or the wrong drug being prescribed, dispensed or administered.

Through an unrestricted grant from the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), ISMP surveyed 23 companies that market U.S. prescription drug and biological products with names that contain a suffix. This document provides a list of drug and biological products, marketed by those 23 companies, whose names contain a suffix, along with meanings of the suffix.

Industry stakeholders and healthcare practitioners can use this list to increase their understanding of the labeled meanings of drug name suffixes and the particular product characteristics that they describe.

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