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Improving Medication Use and Outcomes with Clinical Decision Support: A Step-by-Step Guide

Improving Medication Use GuideImproving Medication Use and Outcomes with Clinical Decision Support is the result of a ground-breaking collaboration by dozens of individuals and organizations, with diverse perspectives and competencies. Edited by Jerome Osheroff, MD, the book is co-published by HIMSS, the Scottsdale Institute, AMIA, ISMP, ASHP, and AMDIS.

This book is designed to help clinical decision support (CDS) implementers improve medication use and associated outcomes in their organizations by providing practical recommendations for successfully implementing CDS focused on these targets.

Chapters include detailed guidance on key areas in an effective CDS-medication management program such as:

  • Optimizing governance structures and management processes
  • Defining outcome improvement opportunities and baselines
  • Setting up interventions in key clinical information systems and for specific targets
  • Deploying CDS interventions to optimize acceptance and value
  • Measuring results and refining the program
  • Approaching CDS knowledge management systematically

An appendix includes information on the use of CDS for prescription safety in the small practice environment.

Book - Improving Medication use and Outcomes with Clinical Decision Support: A Step-by-Step Guide

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