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Generic Enoxaparin Syringe Issue

Generic enoxaparin syringe issue. In the last issue we wrote about a problem with the manufacturer’s label coming loose on certain Lovenox (enoxaparin) unit-dose syringes (30 mg and 40 mg). This week, Sandoz, which recently released generic enoxaparin, confirmed a different problem with some of its prefilled syringes: premature activation of a spring that pushes a safety shield over the needle before removal from the pack-age, making it impossible to inject the drug. Sandoz told us on Monday that the company is aware of the problem and working to resolve the situation. The company advises hospitals to call the Sandoz drug information section (1-609-627-8500). Defective syringes may be returned for credit. Photographs of the normal and defective syringes can be viewed below.

enoxaparin sodium syringe