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Find and minimize your IV push safety gaps with NEW ISMP tool

ISMP has launched a new tool to help healthcare facilities identify and manage targeted risks associated with the use of IV push medications in adults. The ISMP Gap Analysis Tool (GAT) for Safe IV Push Medication Practices is designed to assist practitioners in evaluating their practices, pinpointing specific challenges and potential areas for improvement, and tracking progress over time. The GAT is based on ISMP’s IV push medication guidelines and consists of 50 items. The tool is being made available at no charge, thanks to support from Baxter Healthcare Corporation. Healthcare facilities that submit their findings to ISMP anonymously via a secure internet portal by March 31, 2019 (Extended to April 30, 2019), will receive a gap analysis score and will have access to aggregate data after the submission period. The aggregate data can be used to compare a facility’s experiences to that of demographically similar healthcare facilities. Participation can also help facilities assess their compliance with local policies and procedures for management of IV push medications, as well as requirements from regulatory or accrediting agencies such as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). For more information, or click here to access the GAT.

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