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Important Correction Notice - Handbook on Injectable Drugs, 19th edition

ASHP wishes to inform you of a correction to our publication, the Handbook on Injectable Drugs, 19th edition. This correction notice applies only to the printed edition.

On page 224 in the cefepime hydrochloride monograph, reconstitution instructions for the intramuscular injection of cefepime appear as “…reconstitute the 1‐ and 2‐g vials with 1.3 and 2.4 mL, respectively…”

The corrected version of the paragraph is as follows:

  • For intramuscular administration, reconstitute the 500‐mg and 1‐g vials with 1.3 and 2.4 mL, respectively, of sterile water for injection, sodium chloride 0.9%, dextrose 5%, lidocaine hydrochloride 0.5 or 1%, or bacteriostatic water for injection preserved with parabens or benzyl alcohol to yield a solution with a cefepime concentration of 280 mg/mL.3295

We urge you to correct this error in all copies of the Handbook on Injectable Drugs, 19th edition immediately and to communicate it to others on your staff who may use the book. The Interactive Handbook on Injectable Drugs has been corrected.

For print copy purchasers of the Handbook on Injectable Drugs:

If you have a print copy of the Handbook on Injectable Drugs, 19th edition, please keep this correction notice with your copy and inform all others who may refer to the book.

For purchasers of the Interactive Handbook on Injectable Drugs:

Please note that the correction has already been made.

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