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Bigger. Brighter. Midyear: My experience at the ASHP Clinical Meeting as an ISMP International Medication Safety Management Fellow

Nistha Shah, PharmD, ISMP International Medication Safety Management Fellow

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists' (ASHP) Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition is the largest gathering of pharmacy professionals in the world. Attended by more than 26,000 pharmacy professionals from all over the world, the meeting provides valuable opportunities for:

  • professional development

  • networking

  • enhancing practice skills

  • staying current with the latest products and innovations.

Every year the Midyear Meeting is held at different locations, this year was in Las Vegas hence the theme bigger and brighter!

As an ISMP International Medication Safety Management fellow, I spent my time:

  • At the ISMP booth

  • Attending the Medication Safety Intensive workshop

  • Co-authoring a poster for the fellow poster presentation

  • Attending the CHEERS award dinner

  • Co-presenting at the midday symposium in front of around 250 healthcare providers

Among all the above activities, I would like to highlight my experience of presenting at the Midday Symposium.

Justifying Your Return Investment with Integrated Medication Use Technology

The symposium focused on drawing attention to at-risk processes, and helping pharmacists see technology through a safety lens.

(Left to Right) Mike Cohen (President, ISMP), Christina Michalek (Medication Safety Specialist, ISMP), Susan Paparella (Vice President, ISMP), Gee Mathen (Texas Children's Hospital), Nistha Shah (ISMP International Medication Safety Management Fellow)

The symposium educated healthcare providers about the unintended consequences of suboptimal use of healthcare technologies; how to justify the return on investment for expansion of technologies, and by what means to identify gaps in best practices related to the use of automated dispensing cabinets, one of the most widely deployed forms of integrated medication use technology. I co-presented with Susan Paparella on Finding the Gaps: Best Practice Guidelines for Use of Technologies. Thank you so much ISMP for allowing me to speak at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting. It was an honor to share the stage and present it with safety experts and leaders. The future is technology and to maximize return on your technology investment, it is important to implement safe practices by utilizing ISMP safety recommendations.

Making Lifelong Memories and Connections

Not only did I made lifelong memories and connections, but also learned about how I can contribute to patient safety in many more ways. The quote that will stick to me in my medication safety journey is “People don’t do what you expect, they do what you inspect” by  Stephen Eckel, so following up on your projects is the key for it to be successful.

I am grateful to ISMP and our supporters for giving fellows an opportunity to learn and participate, in educational programs and symposia, and be surrounded by safety experts and leaders.  


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I knew if I wanted to become a subject matter expert and advance through the ranks of medication safety specialists, I needed to align myself with the organization considered the gold standard for medication safety information.