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Individual practitioners work diligently every day within highly complex medication systems to provide exceptional care to patients, and yet, despite their best efforts, there are times that the human interface with complicated medication systems goes awry, and medication errors occur. Safety-minded organizations impacted by diminishing resources, ever-changing technology, complex therapies, and newly marketed pharmaceutical products, are being challenged to implement high-leverage medication error prevention strategies to reduce the possibility of patient harm. Those organizations see the value of learning as much as they can about their current state of medication use, in order to begin the process of organizational change and process improvement.

ISMP Consulting Services bring decades of safety experience based largely on the interdisciplinary review of thousands of reports to the ISMP Medication Error Reporting Program (MERP) as well as hundreds of visits to healthcare organizations nationwide. With our extensive knowledge and understanding of the system-based causes of medication error, ISMP consulting staff is uniquely positioned to work confidentially and objectively alongside all types of practitioners and organizations seeking to develop and/or maximize their success within current medication safety initiatives.

In addition, ISMP now is certified as a Patient Safety Organization (PSO) by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Because reporting to a PSO confers both privilege and confidentiality to the information reported, ISMP’s PSO status will afford an even higher level of protection when clinicians and organizations report errors or engage in other types of consulting services with the Institute. In addition, ISMP can work with other PSOs to provide expert analysis of error data--click here for more information.

Any level of assistance is available, from a one-day focused review to a comprehensive examination of the entire medication use system. See below for a list of core services. Click here for a printable general fact sheet about ISMP consulting.

Contact us directly to learn more about how the Institute can help your organization achieve its goals for medication safety. You can reach us at 215-947-7797, or click here to receive additional information.

ISMP offers the following consulting services:

Sterile Compounding Analysis
A team of experts from ISMP, the leading resource for independent and effective medication safety recommendations, and Clinical IQ, an organization headed by Eric Kastango and well-respected for expertise in sterile compounding and USP Chapter 797 education, can provide a focused analysis of your pharmacy compounding processes. Our comprehensive review will help your organization achieve compliance and implement lifesaving error prevention strategies.

Medication Safety Checkup™
ISMP safety experts can conduct a customized, one-day review and assessment of specific medication safety problem or areas of interest and provide practical recommendations and solutions. Potential areas for one-day assessments include sterile compounding, high-risk clinical areas (e.g., infusion centers, diagnostic and procedural areas), and error reporting and analysis.

Proactive Risk Assessments
Objective onsite medication use evaluations facilitated by interdisciplinary ISMP teams can assist leadership in developing and implementing organizational-specific, high-leverage medication safety improvements.

Practitioner in Residence Program
This rigorous, comprehensive one-week “rotation,” held at ISMP’s office in suburban Philadelphia, PA, is designed to assist all healthcare professionals who have or are currently seeking medication safety oversight for their organization to rapidly advance their safety leadership skills.

Technology Assessments
ISMP technology experts can work with healthcare organizations to evaluate the error potential of any new or present pharmacy information system, computerized order entry system, bar code point-of-care system, robotics, or infusion devices, and make recommendations for maximizing safe use and for the direction of future technology selection.

Community/Ambulatory and Mail Order Pharmacy
Expert review of medication-use processes and practical recommendations for error prevention and system improvements that can help meet state board of pharmacy requirements for safety.

Root Cause Analysis
Onsite assistance with investigation and analysis following a medication-related event.

Data Analysis and Coaching
Your organization may be collecting medication safety data, but are you capturing the best information and using it to the best advantage? ISMP can help you define your most relevant metrics, perform advanced system-based analysis, and use your data to reduce risk of patient harm. The Institute offers onsite evaluation and assistance, data analysis workshops at ISMP headquarters, and remote coaching.

Group Collaboratives
The ISMP team can facilitate onsite and offsite support services (workshops, educational programs, and self assessment initiatives) for various sized groups wishing to undertake a medication safety initiative.

Small, Rural, and Critical Access Hospitals
ISMP has a long history of working with small hospitals to help them face their unique challenges in managing safety priorities and significantly improve their medication use systems.

Medication Safety: an International Experience
In response to global demand, ISMP is announcing open registration for its International Experience. This intensive two-week mentorship program, to be held at ISMP’s office in the United States, is designed to meet the unique needs of international healthcare practitioners and organizations wishing to engage in top-level medication safety activities.

Other Consulting Services
Call today to speak with members of the ISMP consulting team to learn more about how the Institute can help you or your organization achieve your goals for medication safety. We would be happy to hear from you! Call 215-947-7797; or click here to receive additional information.

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