DOs and DON'Ts for Submitting an ISMP Cheers Award Nomination

Do you know an individual or an organization/group collaborative that you want to nominate for an ISMP Cheers Award? Here are some helpful tips to make sure your nomination meets the criteria. Nominations that are incomplete or do not meet the criteria outlined below will not be considered. 


  • Nominate an Individual or Organization/Group Collaborative that:

    • Clearly identifies a high-risk, error-prone medication safety initiative 

    • Demonstrates successful implementation of the initiative 

    • Provides measurable outcomes 

    • Utilizes innovative, proactive medication error-reduction strategies based on ISMP's philosophy and recommendations in ISMP newsletters, ISMP Action Agendas, ISMP guidelines, or other ISMP resources

    • Participates in medication safety committees, teams, and/or does advocacy work

    • Will share the initiative with others (at no cost)

    • Exemplifies a commitment to the promotion of medication safety

  • Complete the nomination form:

    • Ensure all fields are filled in accurately and completely. 

    • Provide your information as the submitter.

    • Provide information about the nominee (self nominations are accepted).

    • Provide a paragraph summarizing why you believe this nominee should receive an award.

      • In your own words, please highlight the project/nominee description, the impact of the initiative, and/or the nominee's commitment to medication safety (five to ten sentences). 

    • After submitting the nomination, upload documentation to support the nomination (e.g., a full description of the nomination and safety initiative, slides, data tables, diagrams, figures, meeting minutes, pamphlets, curriculum vitae [CV]).

    • Additional forms and information required for Organizations:

  • Submit your nomination, along with supporting documents and forms, by September 9, 2022.


  • Don't submit a nomination that does not clearly identify a high-risk, error-prone medication safety initiative.

  • Don't submit only one or two sentences about the nominee without supporting documentation. 

  • Don't forget to complete all the information on the nomination form before submitting.

  • Don't enter pages of information into the summary text box (summarize the project/nominee in only five to ten sentences).

  • Don't forget to upload a full description of the nomination, medication safety initiative, and additional documentation to support your nomination after completing the initial form (after you submit the nomination).

  • Don't forget to submit all of your information by September 9, 2022.