Acute Care Volume 20, Issue 21

Medication Safety Alert! October 22, 2015

In this week's issue:

  • Trissel Had It Right: Re-Emphasis on Pharmaceutics Testing Needed
  • Diluent for oral vancomycin administered in error
  • Package labeling you can't read (metoprolol tartrate from Claris)
Featured article

This is an exciting time of year for ISMP, when our organization selects the ISMP Cheers Awards winners and prepares to honor them at our annual Cheers Awards dinner and gala. It’s a time of contemplation for us regarding both the challenges and successes associated with medication safety that have been encountered and achieved throughout the year. It’s also a time of reflection about our previous award recipients and the exemplary work they have accomplished to improve medication safety.

One of this year’s most daunting challenges is the issue ISMP, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA),...

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