Acute Care Volume 21, Issue 21

Medication Safety Alert! October 20, 2016

In this week's issue:

  • Managing Hospitalized Patients with Ambulatory Pumps - Part 2; Guidelines for the Use of Insulin Pumps During Hospitalization
  • Your Reports at Work: Look-alike levETIRAcetam and valproate sodium vials
  • Another Genvoya - Stribild mix-up
  • Should transdermal fentaNYL be stocked in the emergency department (ED)?
Featured article

The availability of lightweight ambulatory infusion pumps in the early 1980s has made infusion therapy possible in settings outside the hospital, including in the home. This mode of delivery may be used to administer medications, blood factors, nutrition, or hydrating solutions via the intravenous (IV), subcutaneous, epidural/intrathecal, percutaneous, intrawound, intrahepatic, or other parenteral routes. Their use is expected to grow at an annual rate of about 9% over the next few years.1 This means that, by now, many healthcare practitioners in hospitals have likely encountered patients...

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