Acute Care Volume 20, Issue 23

Medication Safety Alert! November 19, 2015

In this week's issue:

  • Managing Hospitalized Patients With Ambulatory Pumps: Findings From An ISMP Survey–Part 1
  • In the News
    • CMS update - Revised Hospital Guidance for Pharmaceutical Services and Expanded Guidance Related to Compounding Medications
    • GEDSA update - working to validate a newly designed low-dose ENFit tip syringe
  • Could this happen at your hospital? (tamper-resistant seal intact on used nasal spray)
  • Oral devices with mL-only dosing marks
  • "U" for units
  • Safe administration of AGGRASTAT loading dose
Featured article

In our September 10, 2015 newsletter, we invited readers to complete a survey about current practices and concerns associated with patients who arrive at the hospital with an external ambulatory pump, including insulin pumps, elastomeric pumps, and IV pumps (non-elastomeric). Implanted pumps were excluded from the survey. We sincerely thank the 370 readers who participated in the survey—you have provided ISMP with valuable information on this topic along with details we believe cannot be found elsewhere.

Overall, the results exposed significant breaches in safe practices associated with...

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