Acute Care Volume 21, Issue 23

Medication Safety Alert! November 17, 2016

In this week's issue:

  • Is an Indication-Based Prescribing System in our Future?
  • Lantus overdose tied to confusing vial label
  • Vecuronium and vancomycin vial mix-ups
  • Harm or death from phenytoin injection medication errors
  • More on lipid rescue
  • U-500 insulin syringes now available
  • 2016-2017 ISMP Fellows
    • Staley Lawes, PharmD, BCPS; 2016-2017 ISMP Safe Medication Management Fellow, supported in part by Baxter, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, and Fresenius Kabi
    • Maximilian Straka, PharmD; 2016-2017 FDA/ISMP Safe Medication Management Fellow
    • Celeste Karpow, PharmD; 2016-2017 FDA/ISMP Safe Medication Management Fellow
Featured article

In the July 28, 2016, issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, Schiff et al.1 provide a compelling argument in favor of incorporating indications into the medication ordering process. A longtime proponent (along with ISMP and other organizations) of including the purpose of medications on orders and prescriptions, Schiff et al. note that, since most prescriptions and medication orders are now electronic, the format for implementing indication-based prescribing is within our grasp. The authors suggest that electronic prescribing systems are currently handicapped because they do not include...

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