Acute Care Volume 22, Issue 2

Medication Safety Alert! January 26, 2017

In this week's issue:

  • QuarterWatch™ (2016 Quarter 2 Data)
    • Liver failure with hepatitis C drugs, drugs with signals for insomnia, and harm from antipsychotic drugs
  • Scanning difficult through IV bag overwrap
  • Anaphylaxis readiness warrants EPINEPHrine auto-injectors
  • Note of caution for Tarceva and Tresiba
  • CLEAR CARE and other hydrogen peroxide cleaning solutions for contact lenses
  • Powdered surgical gloves
  • Don't forget to take our survey on verbal orders
  • Quarterly Action Agenda (October - December 2016)
Featured article

The latest issue of ISMP’s QuarterWatch™ provides a review of drug safety issues reflected in adverse drug events reported to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) during the second quarter (Q2) of 2016 and during the previous 12 months. Key topics included:

  • Emerging risks of new hepatitis C drugs for triggering reactivation of hepatitis B, liver injuries, and liver failure
  • Drugs with signals for insomnia, one of the most common side effects that can impair the quality of life and affect health

In this report, we also summarize our recently published study of the harm associated with...

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