Acute Care Volume 23, Issue 1

Medication Safety Alert! January 11, 2018

In this week's issue:

  • Drug Shortages Continue to Compromise Patient Care
  • Mix-ups between AuroMedics levoFLOXacin and levETIRAcetam
  • Confusing dose with administration time
  • Quarterly Action Agenda (October - December 2017)
  • ISMP welcomes 3 new Fellows
    • Vivek Brahmbhatt, PharmD, 2017-2018 FDA/ISMP Safe Medication Management Fellow
    • Kayla Cierniak, PharmD, MS, 2017-2018 FDA/ISMP Safe Medication Management Fellow
    • Barbrakaryne N. Nchinda Fobi, PharmD, MPH, ISMP International Medication Safety Management Fellow
Featured article

An exhaustive account of frustrations, difficulties, misspent resources, and safety concerns came across loud and clear from respondents who participated in our August through October 2017 national survey on drug shortages.1 Most respondents to the survey confirmed that drug shortages during the 6 months prior to the survey continue to be a daily struggle, involving an increasing number of lifesaving drugs without a viable alternative, and lasting longer than ever before. They suggested that providing safe and appropriate drug therapy has become extremely challenging during shortages and has...

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