ISMP Mission and Vision

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Our Mission is to advance patient safety worldwide by empowering the healthcare community, including consumers, to prevent medication errors.
We accomplish this through our interdisciplinary efforts to:

  • Collect and analyze reports of medication-related hazardous conditions, near-misses, errors, and other adverse drug events
  • Disseminate timely medication safety information, risk-reduction tools, and error-prevention strategies
  • Educate the healthcare community and consumers about safe medication practices
  • Collaborate with other patient safety organizations, educational institutions, governmental agencies and other healthcare stakeholders
  • Advocate the adoption of safe medication standards by accrediting bodies, manufacturers, policy makers, regulatory agencies, and standards-setting organizations
  • Conduct research to provide evidence-based safe medication practices

Our Vision is to be the premier independent, patient safety organization leading the effort to prevent medication errors and adverse drug events.