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January 16, 2014

In this week's issue:

  • QuarterWatch (Special Report): Adverse drug events in children less than 18 years old
  • 2014-2015 Targeted Medication Safety Best Practices for Hospitals (
    • ISMP has launched the 2014-15 Targeted Medication Safety Best Practices for Hospitals to identify, inspire, and mobilize widespread adoption of consensus-based best practices on specific error-related issues that continue to harm patients or cause death. The best practices focus on six areas which include IV vinCRIStine, oral methotrexate, patient weights in metric units, oral syringes, oral liquid dosing devices, and glacial acetic acid.
    • We are conducting a baseline survey to measure the current implementation of these best practices, which you can complete at:  
  • Topical and injectable EPINEPHrine.
    • Recently, a nurse administered topical EPINEPHrine nasal solution to a patient by intramuscular injection. Review the information in this article to learn more about preventing this type of error from occurring. 
  • Topical anesthetics for teething infants.
    • A tragic event is described involving 1-year-old twin infants who received lidocaine viscous for teething. Lidocaine viscous is not approved by FDA for treatment of teething and should not be used for this purpose due to safety concerns. 

Special Announcements...

  • 1-week "ROTATION" at ISMP
    • We have room for just one more participant in our weeklong ISMP Practitioner in Residence Program on March 31-April 4, 2014, at ISMP's office in suburban Philadelphia, PA. The rigorous program provides healthcare professionals with medication safety responsibilities a unique opportunity to work closely with ISMP staff to work with our proprietary conceptual model for identifying and controlling medication risks, which can help organizations develop a comprehensive strategic plan for medication safety.
    • For details, visit:
  • ISMP webinars
    • Don't forget to sign up for our FREE webinar on January 30 to learn more about ISMP's 2014-2015 Targeted Medication Safety Best Practices. The six targeted best practices and potential implementation strategies will be presented along with ISMP's plan for continued resource development and evaluation of these best practices. For details, visit:
    • Join us for our February 26 webinar, Reducing Hospital Readmissions: Successful Staff Intervention Strategies at Discharge. Learn firsthand how two organizations have used creative solutions to effectively decrease hospital readmissions. Our speakers will describe how they utilize medication reconciliation at discharge, implemented structured patient discharge education, and removed barriers to obtaining medications after discharge, resulting in a significant reduction in readmissions and improvement in patient care and satisfaction. For details, visit:
  • Three 2014-2015 Fellowships: applications now being accepted (

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