ISMP Survey: What’s a near miss? We’re interested in knowing how you define the term near miss as it applies to medication-related conditions and/or events. Which of the following definitions best describes your understanding of a near miss?

1. An error that did not reach the patient. An error took place but was captured before the drug was ingested, applied, or injected into the patient. For example, penicillin was ordered for a patient allergic to the drug; however, the pharmacist was alerted to the allergy during computer order entry, the prescriber was called, and the penicillin was not dispensed or administered to the patient.

2. An error that reached the patient but did not result in harm. An event, situation, or error that reached the patient but did not result in injury. For example, a patient received the wrong dose of an opioid but was not harmed.

3. A hazard. A hazard—such as look-alike product packaging—that could cause an error but has not resulted in an error when the condition is reported.

4. Other: please specify

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