September 2014

In this month’s issue:

  • URGENT! Health systems need to plan NOW for upcoming changes in enteral feeding device connectors.  A new standard enteral connector will be released very shortly on all enteral tubing and devices, that will not allow connection to older tubing, syringes and devices using Luer connectors.  LTC facilities need to plan for these upcoming changes. This article discusses the timeline for the changes, some of the issues related to their release and ways to prevent error and problems from occurring after the release of the new connectors.
  • Message our Mailbox. Answers a question related to revised expiration dating (called ‘beyond use dating”) for opened oral bulk bottles.
  • SafetyWires: Discusses errors involved the abbreviation SS or SSc for sliding scale, and use of the greater than (>) and lesser than (<) symbols.
  • Since when is ½ strength a 0.25% solution. Discusses a misconception with one brand of Dakin’s Solution for strength due to the way its list the strength of the product.
  • Influenze Vaccine. Two brief articles discuss the need for staff vaccination and the need for shaking of all flu vaccines, including solutions, prior to administration.
  • Report medication errors to ISMP.
  • Time is Running Out. We need your input! Don’t forget to complete our survey on the Use of Computerized Medication Order Entry Systems in Long Term Care.  The last day to participate is September 19, 2014.  Go to:       

Report medication errors to ISMP. Share your medication safety stories and error reports in confidence by calling ISMP 1-800-FAILSAF(E), via our website (, or by email ( Reporter identity and location remain strictly confidential and are never published. Anonymous reports are also accepted. 

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