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Highlighted article:
Don’t confuse a side effect from a medicine as having an allergy to that medicine

In this month's issue:

  • This sounds fishy!
  • Confusion with "Use as directed" instructions
  • Advice from FDA: Products claiming to "Cure" cancer are a cruel deception
  • Question teaspoon doses.


Highlighted article:
Make sure you get the right mix… Ask questions if your medicine is a powder

In this month's issue:

  • Advice from FDA: Medicines for surgery and other procedures: New warnings for young children and pregnant women
  • Is that the medicine the doctor prescribed for me?
  • Don't use pre-owned test strips.
  • Dramamine brand name will confuse.
  • Opioids - Be an informed consumer.


Highlighted article:
Pain relief pumps: Don't push the button for patients

In this month's issue:

  • Change in children's acetaminophen
  • What to expect when a pharmacy makes a mistake
  • Seek immediate medical attention for overdoses.
  • Advice from FDA: Codeine and tramadol can cause breathing problems for children


Highlighted article:
If your blood glucose levels are high, you might be using your insulin pen wrong

In this month's issue:

  • Advice from FDA: Medication safety tips for older adults
  • Poison prevention.
  • Does ClariSpray look familiar?
  • Know the meaning of "take as needed."


Highlighted article:
The risk of continuing medicines that are no longer prescribed

In this month's issue:

  • Advice from FDA: Mercury poisoning linked to skin products
  • Candy or medicine?

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