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This innovative newsletter --- sent monthly by e-mail --- brings you vital and potentially life-saving information about medication-related errors, adverse drug reactions, as well as recommendations that will help you reduce the risk of medication errors and other adverse drug events in your community practice site. In addition to the newsletter, ISMP sends urgent advisories about serious errors or information that requires immediate attention to its subscribers.

Information found in the ISMP Medication Safety Alert! stems from error reports submitted voluntarily by practitioners to the ISMP Medication Errors Reporting Program and the FDA MedWatch program. Our role is to independently review and analyze all reports, perform investigations, seek outside expert review and inform industry and regulatory authorities as necessary, before preparing material for publication and dissemination

ISMP Medication Safety Alert!® Community/Ambulatory Edition is for:
  • Community/Ambulatory Care Pharmacists
  • Pharmacy Managers and Executives
  • Pharmacy Technicians and other Pharmacy Staff
  • Physicians and Nurses in Community Practice
  • Anyone Concerned with Medication Safety


  • Implement changes based on ISMP Medication Safety Alert! recommendations to improve medication safety within your practice site.
  • A unique tool that allows you to keep abreast of actual medication errors, contributing factors, and prevention suggestions that can help you reduce the risk of similar errors at your practice site.
  • Practice the ultimate prevention by helping to protect patients, staff, and organizations from costly and life threatening medication errors.
  • Available by e-mail.
  • Toll-free telephone access to ISMP for medication error prevention advice or in-depth information about reported problems.


1 year subscription: $62


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