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December 15, 2011

  • 14th Annual ISMP Cheers Awards
    Winners honored in New Orleans amid All that Jazz

  • Caution: drug names that end with the letter “L.”
    Drug names that end with the letter “L” have occasionally been the subject of overdoses reported to ISMP. Check out this week’s newsletter to learn about a case where the final “L” in a drug name was mistaken as the number (1).

  • Tablet code markings must be clear.
    Standard capsule and tablet markings are important in helping patients and healthcare professionals properly identify oral solid medications. They work best when they are clear and easily deciphered. Read this week’s newsletter to find out how “IG” for InvaGen on 5 mg amLODIPine tablet was misinterpreted as “10.”

  • Parents need to replace child-resistant caps after measuring liquid doses using an oral syringe and adapter
    Consumers often receive or purchase an oral syringe along with prescription and over-the-counter liquid medications. Oral syringes provide much greater accuracy when measuring liquids, so we promote their use, particularly when measuring doses for infants and children. Read this week’s newsletter to learn of an unintended consequence of using oral syringes with bottle adapters.

  • Up and Away and Out of Sight Campaign
    Check out this week’s newsletter to learn about Up and Away and Out of Sight (, an important new component of the CDC PROTECT initiative ( that provides tools to remind everyone of the importance of safe medication storage and keeping medicines and vitamins “Up and Away” out of every child’s reach and sight.

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