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The following are excerpts from the newsletter

June 5, 1996

  • Assuring safe use of chloral hydrate syrup as a pediatric sedative
  • IV Pump Safety Device Prevents Free-flow
  • Topical medications and allergic reactions
  • Error Alert! VoSol® given instead of Vexol_
  • Safety Briefs:
    • An emergency room physician treating a combative patient ordered a neuromuscular blocker (vecuronium, Norcuron®) without first assuring the patient was appropriately ventilated.
    • Marsam Pharmaceuticals is actively pursuing a redesign of their vecuronium label and package design to avoid confusion with their antibiotics.
    • FDA and its Center for Drugs and Radiologic Health (CDRH) maintains a World Wide Web site for easy access to information that may be downloaded to a personal computer.

June 19, 1996

  • Ongoing confusion:Paregoric and opium tincture
  • Establishing maximum dose limits for cancer chemotherapy agents
    (includes offer to subscribers for maximum dose list)
  • Thiotepa concentration change a suprise to some
  • Taxotere(r) vial overfill
  • Safety Briefs:
    • Abbot Laboratories agrees to software chages for PCA Plus II Infusor Pump
    • Spanish Pharmacists launch medication errors reporting program
    • Yet another amrinone-amiodarone mix-up!
    • Similar packaging of Roxane's sodium polystyrene sulfonate suspension and lithium citrate syrup

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