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The following are excerpts from the newsletter

August 28, 1996

  • Despite knowledge of accidents, opportunities for potassium ADE's persist in some US Hospitals
  • Penicillin G procaine: never "aqueous" enough for IV use
  • Safety Briefs
    • AAMI approves standard for enteral feeding set connectors
    • NEJM calls attention to medication error involving mix up of Prozac and Prilosec
    • Journal of Pharmacy Practice June issue's theme is medication misadventures
    • More name confusions
    • FDA asks for update of Redux labeling
    • US News and World Report cover story for August 26 "Danger at the Drug Store"

August 14, 1996

  • Using oral syringes won't necessarily protect against inadvertent IV injection of oral liquids
  • Computer glitch leads to error
  • Automated dispensing modules may circumvent safe order reviews by pharmacy
  • Safety Briefs
    • Precept Press notifies oncologists of error in The Handbook of Commonly Used Chemotherapy Regimens
    • FDA has asked Pfizer to stop distributing brochures promoting ZoloftO
    • TaxotereO comes with 2 vials. One is active drug and the other is the diluent needed for preparation
    • Confusion between strengths of prefilled syringes from IMS
    • FDA orders manufacturers of fluoroquinolones to include new warnings about tendinitis and tendon rupture.
    • Veterinary product EquiGesicO, an equine analgesic/anti-inflammatory has similar name to Wyeth-Ayerst's human product EquagesicO.

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