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The following resources are designed to help educate you and to make you more aware of medication errors and their prevention.


Medication Safety Alert Newsletters

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) makes communication and education about medication errors a priority, publishing four electronic medication safety newsletters for healthcare professionals and consumers that collectively reach more than three million readers. ISMP’s newsletters are widely recognized as some of the most timely and comprehensive medical alert systems in the world.

Consulting Services

ISMP Consulting Services bring decades of safety experience based largely on the interdisciplinary review of thousands of reports to the USP Medication Error Reporting Program (MERP) as well as hundreds of visits to healthcare organizations nationwide. With our extensive knowledge and understanding of the system-based causes of medication error, ISMP consulting staff is uniquely positioned to work confidentially and objectively alongside all types of practitioners and organizations seeking to develop and/or maximize their success within current medication safety initiatives.

Educational Programs

ISMP continually devotes time, energy, and resources to educational initiatives. Funded by unrestricted educational grants and donations, all of ISMP’s unparalleled educational programs provide independent and unbiased information. Programs and sessions cover a wide variety of venues, including freestanding events, teleconferences, and lectures at hospitals or other healthcare settings.

Professional Development

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) recognizes that the potential for medication errors and adverse drug events is a reality, and that prevention efforts rely heavily on the knowledge and ability of individual healthcare professionals. The Institute strongly believes that ongoing education and development of healthcare professionals is key to ensuring safer medication-use systems. Through educational programs, easy-to-use tools, and hands-on learning opportunities, ISMP is making it possible for healthcare practitioners to grow in terms of their career as well as to make a real difference in medication safety.

ISMP Self-Assessment

These tools will help you assess the medication safety practices in your institution surrounding the use of medication therapy, identify opportunities for improvement, and compare your experience with the aggregate experience of demographically similar organizations.


The Institute for Safe Medi cation Practices (ISMP) believes that consumers can and should become active partners with their healthcare practitioners and take a leading role in preventing medication errors. The more information you have, the better able you are to prevent errors and to take care of yourself. You have to ask your pharmacists, doctors and nurses about your medications, and you have to expect answers. It is in your best interests to know about your medications, learn how and when to take them, and what the effects and side effects are.


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