In Honor of ISMP’s 10th Anniversary of Incorporation as Nonprofit Organization

ISMP has played a critical leadership role in focusing the attention of health care practitioners and provider organizations on the problem of medication errors.  It is principally through the efforts of ISMP that we have all gained a rich understanding both of the underlying causes of medication errors and steps that can and should be taken to prevent their occurrence.

--Dennis O’Leary, Chief Executive Officer, Joint Commission (JC)

In many ways, ISMP is one of most important sources the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has for obtaining information on medication errors occurring in health systems. The Institute serves as another set of eyes and ears to alert us to important problems that are evolving every day. Its newsletters and other publications are shared with FDA staff and read religiously.

It is an extremely difficult endeavor to get errors recognized and reported, and our agency is fortunate to have an organizational resource that is as trusted and respected as the ISMP. The Institute is a true voice for patient safety, particularly safe medication practice, and an asset not only to FDA but to all of public health.

--Paul Seligman, Director, Office of Pharmacoepidemiology and Statistical Sciences, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Over the more than a decade of the ISMP's existence, it has been THE leader of the movement to improve medication safety systems. In addition to propelling medication safety to the top of the national health policy agenda, it has given hospitals practical tools: strong recommendations, publications, self-assessment surveys and other resources that create a solid foundation for making care safer and more effective. 

ISMP's unwavering advocacy for advancements in drug distribution, naming, labeling, packaging and delivery system designed has earned the gratitude and respect of hospitals, health care professionals, patients and families.  The AHA looks forward to a strong and continuing partnership with the Institute.

--Dick Davidson, President, American Hospital Association (AHA)

The vision, persistence, dedication, and cooperative spirit that has been shown by ISMP since the early days is an inspiration for all of us working to improve the well-being of patients—its day-to-day work in preventing medication errors has echoed around the world. ISMP has provided a voice in the wilderness, waking us up to the need to enhance medication safety. The Institute is a core supplier of knowledge and ideas and has set an impressive benchmark for those who want to help the industry change.

--Don Berwick, President and CEO, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

ISMP is the exemplar case of doing well while doing good. The Institute has credibility among nurses because it addresses the practical issues that dominate their everyday lives, and because it treats nurses as credible members of the healthcare team. Due to that respect, the Institute is the one authority on medication errors that nurses believe.

ISMP also has assembled a remarkable multidisciplinary team of experts in patient safety; their work on the Denver nurses case serves as an educational case study that will live long as a landmark in nursing history. ISMP's multidisciplinary team serves as a model of the collaborative practice of nurses and pharmacists for both the clinical and academic worlds.

--Ginny Pepper, Professor, University of Utah College of Nursing

In my capacity as Trademark Counsel at Lilly and Chair of the PhRMA Trademark Focus Group, I would like to congratulate ISMP on its 10 th Anniversary.  The personal passion of Mike Cohen as an advocate for patient safety has been transformed into a multi-national organization that is making important contributions to patient safety across a broad spectrum of activity.

It was an honor for me to represent PhRMA in the historic joint meeting with FDA and ISMP on June 26, 2003 that brought together leading experts on medication safety with the aim of expanding the knowledge base that underlies the effort to improve the safe use of medications. I know that ISMP, under Mike's leadership, will continue to expand its impact on FDA, the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare practitioners for the greater public good in the coming years.

--Robert E. Lee, Trademarks and Copyrights, Eli Lilly and Company

ISMP has been a pivotal player in its efforts to track the causes of medication errors related to packaging, labeling, and nomenclature. Patients and healthcare practitioners all over the world have benefited from ISMP's efforts to assess these causes of medication errors. This has helped moved the debate away from a 'blame game' to one that takes systems and human behavior into account. ASHP applauds the Institute and its leaders for their tireless work on behalf of patient safety.

--Henri R. Manasse, Jr., Ph.D., Sc.D., Executive Vice President/Chief Executive Officer, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

The practical, relevant recommendations that ISMP provides in its newsletters truly impacts our patients' care. Time and again we have received crucial pieces of information in ISMP publications that we cannot find anywhere else.

--Sondra May, Pharm.D., Medication Safety Coordinator, University of Colorado Hospital

We are behind what ISMP does 100%. The Institute provides our practitioners with clear,comprehensive resources on medication error prevention that are invaluable to our practice. Our hospital takes all of ISMP's suggestions to heart, and you make it simple for us to act on them by providing easy-to-implement solutions. We receive both the acute care and nursing newsletters, and I am constantly quoting articles. I highlight and post key parts to make sure that everyone is aware of what ISMP suggests we focus our attention on.

--Carrie Bilicki, RN, Nurse Coordinator, St. Luke’s Medical Center Cancer Counseling Center, Milwaukee, WI

The entire healthcare field has benefited immensely from ISMP’s work. The Institute has shared compelling stories and examples of how to reduce the risk of medication errors, taught innovative human factors principles and safe system design, and shared a vision for a healthcare culture that supports clinicians in providing safe care. ISMP also has shown extraordinary generosity in helping other organizations, making its talented leaders and staff available for advice and consultation and providing excellent materials that define successful error prevention strategies. Our health care systems are undoubtedly safer today because of ISMP's pioneering efforts.

-Paula Griswold, Executive Director, Massachusetts Coalition for the Prevention of Medical Errors

Over the past decade the work of the ISMP has informed, educated and challenged healthcare professionals to improve the systems in which medications are used.  The healthcare system is safer today both in this country and in other nations around the world because of its pioneering efforts and tremendous leadership. ISMP’s efforts have touched the lives of countless health care professionals, administrators, manufacturers and most importantly the patients that the healthcare industry looks to serve. ISMP is the worldwide leader in advancing patient safety!

--William M. Ellis, RPh, MS , Executive Director/CEO, American Pharmacists Association Foundation

ISMP has been a strategic and active partner during our sustained effort to reduce the risk of medication errors in our member hospitals.  Their keen and practical knowledge about the subject, along with their extensive inventory of safe medication practices represented by the ISMP Medication Safety Self Assessment for Hospitals, has enabled our membership to make marked improvement in medication safety that would have otherwise been impossible. ISMP is simply indispensable.

--B. William Vanderburg, President and Executive Officer, VHA New England

We applaud ISMP for its dedication to advancing medication safety. Its practical approach to driving process change--collecting and sharing information and supplying the tools necessary for success--benefits the healthcare industry overall and the patient in particular.   

--John Hammergren, Chairman and CEO, McKesson Corporation

Medco has the highest respect for ISMP's work; in fact, we have chosen to partner with the Institute to enhance our existing  medication safety reporting and improvement programs. ISMP has done more than virtually any other entity to bring about better awareness of the causes and prevention of medication errors. Its initiatives, including publications and research studies, have greatly improved patient safety and have been lauded by their peers within the healthcare professions. They also have a solid reputation with the pharmaceutical industry, and have helped make significant improvements in drug packaging and nomenclature to reduce error risk.

There is no other organization in the world with ISMP's level of activity and quality programs and resources for medication error prevention. They are to be commended for their persistence and determination in tackling this major public health problem.

--Roger Anderson, Dr.PH, Senior Vice President and Chief Pharmacist, Medco Health Solutions

As I look back at the remarkable progress that has been made in medication safety over the past 10 years, the one person and institution that stand out as being pivotal to this effort are Michael Cohen and ISMP. Consistently, persistently, unrelentingly, ISMP has identified hazards in every aspect of the medication process, provided timely warnings to the clinical community, and pressed the FDA and pharmaceutical industry to make needed changes. If only one-quarter of those recommendations had been heeded, medication use would be far safer today.  Nonetheless, the victories that have been achieved are many and noteworthy.

By extending its reach to work with AHA in getting hospitals to evaluate their safety environment and through its work with the new Pennsylvania reporting system, ISMP has brought its talent and expertise to an even broader constituency, and we are all safer because of it. I can't imagine where patient safety would be without ISMP!

--Lucian L. Leape, MD, Adjunct Professor of Health Policy, Harvard School of Public Health

ISMP has driven medication error reduction initiatives to the forefront of healthcare with consumers, clinicians, institutions and manufacturers. From a manufacturer’s perspective, ISMP fosters an unbiased collaborative approach to addressing medication errors through packaging, labeling and drug delivery. The organization's emphasis on non-punitive reporting and multidisciplinary involvement has opened avenues to improve the healthcare system and the quality of patient care.

--Mary Baker, Pharm.D., MBA, Senior Medical Manager, Hospira, Inc.


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