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Actively caring for safety: One team, one goal, the power of many - We need your help...

Dear Friends and Colleagues
As we near a close to 2012, ISMP has been busy making plans for 2013 to further our mission to serve
the healthcare community as a vital resource for medication safety. If you glance to the right at our
Key Plans for 2013, you will see that our work will continue expanding to reach consumers while maintaining our ever-important focus on you, our providers of healthcare services. Our plans are ambitious, but our dedicated staff members are committed to strengthening our ability to help you prevent medication errors. 

You Can Make a Difference
ISMP is not a membership organization, and we conduct our work fully independent of government agencies and the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, we are again reaching out to the individuals who know us best: our newsletter readers. You are truly the cornerstone of ISMP, serving as the primary conduit for timecritical medication safety information that reaches millions of healthcare professionals. As newsletter readers, you have been on an extraordinary journey with us—many since our first biweekly publication in January 1996—serving witness to needless tragic errors as well as partnering with us to achieve transformational changes to improve medication safety.

We invite you to make a tax-deductible donation to ISMP Your gift, small or large, will further our lifesaving work and enhance our capacity to help you protect patients from medication errors. We thank you for making an investment in our future. Together we are Actively Caring for Safety: One team, one goal, the power of many.

To Make a Donation
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We thank you for your support!

Please support ISMP by making a charitable donation and asking your health-system leadership to make a donation.

The transformational change necessary to improve patient safety will always depend on actively caring individuals who, never satisfied with being a bystander, selflessly and passionately get drawn into the lifesaving work of keeping our patients safe from harm.

—Michael R. Cohen, President, ISMP

The work of the ISMP has informed, educated, and challenged healthcare professionals to improve the systems in which medications are used. The healthcare system is safer today both in this country and in other nations around the world because of its pioneering efforts and tremendous leadership. ISMP’s efforts have touched the lives of countless healthcare professionals, administrators, manufacturers and, most importantly, the patients that the healthcare industry looks to serve. ISMP is the worldwide leader in advancing patient safety!

—William M. Ellis, Executive Director, Board of Pharmacy Specialties

It is principally through the efforts of ISMP that we have all gained a rich understanding both of the underlying causes of medication errors and steps that can and should be taken to prevent their occurrence.

—Dennis O’Leary, former CEO of The Joint Commission (TJC)

Consistently, persistently, unrelentingly, ISMP has identified hazards in every aspect of the medication process, provided timely warnings to the clinical community, and pressed the FDA and pharmaceutical industry to make needed changes.

—Lucian L. Leape, Adjunct Professor, Harvard School of Public Health

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Through your support ISMP is...

Key Accomplishments in 2012

  • Completed the 2012 ISMP International Medication Safety Self Assessment for Oncology in partnership with ISMP Canada
  • Developed IV sterile compounding safety guidelines based on a 2011 summit
  • Launched a national, voluntary vaccine error-reporting program
  • Completed a state-wide medication safety collaborative which included a webinar series, onsite risk assessments, and root cause analysis training
  • Redesigned and relaunched the website to maximize access to consumer tools, including an insulin safety center
  • Analyzed more than 300,000 medication errors and adverse drug events reported to national and state reporting programs and more than 200,000 serious adverse drug events reported to the FDA MedWatch program; shared the learning from analysis via newsletters, journal columns, advisories, special reports, national alerts, educational programs, consultations, and advocacy work
  • Developed High-Alert Medication Modeling and Error Reduction Scorecards (HAMMERS) for community pharmacies
  • Developed a Root Cause Analysis Workbook for Community Pharmacies

Key Plans for 2013

  • Publish an updated third edition of the Medication Errors book
  • Launch a long-term care edition of Nurse Advise-ERR
  • Develop a medication safety self assessment for perioperative care settings
  • Offer onsite assessments and offsite simulation training in the area of sterile compounding and compliance with USP Chapter <797> in partnership with ClinicalIQ
  • Partner with Consumer Reports on Health to conduct consumer surveys and publish medication safety articles
  • Expand advocacy efforts related to consumers who report medication errors to ISMP
  • Expand ISMP availability to serve as a patient safety organization for large health systems
  • Redesign the website to maximize access to tools and information
  • Develop online continuing education programs for various healthcare professionals related to risk management and medication safety
  • Establish educational programs and publications for pharmacy technicians
  • Increase the use of social media and mobile applications to reach a wider audience of consumers and healthcare providers


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