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Job description for a medication safety practitioner
Covenant Health Systems

Position Title: Nurse Specialist - Medication Administration

Job Summary:
The Nurse Specialist will act as a clinician to assess, coordinate and provide patient care related to specialty; as an educator to conduct opportunities for staff development and patient education; as a consultant to serve as a resource to staff, patients and other health care providers,: and as a researcher to participate and conduct studies, review literature and disseminate information to others.

Essential Values-Based Competencies'
Demonstrates value based competencies in line with the four core values that are the foundation of all activities performed by employees in order to achieve the Mission of the St. Joseph Health System (see attached list of behavioral definitions):

Dignity: Demonstrates competence in communication and interpersonal relations.

Excellence: Demonstrates competence in continuous improvement, continuous learning, accountability and teamwork.

Service: Demonstrates competence in customer/patient focus and adaptability.

Justice: Demonstrates competence in community orientation and stewardship

Essential Functions:

  1. Coordinates processes to improve/evaluate medication administration through pharmacy, nursing, and the medical staff.
  2. Serves as liaison between nursing, pharmacy, and the medical staff to ensure safe/standardized medication practices.
  3. Collaborates in the development of policy & procedures through identification and/or revision with nursing, pharmacy, and the medical staff.
  4. Designs & implements educational presentations, which facilitates the attainment & maintenance of safe medication practice standards within the organization.
  5. Promptly investigates medication errors based on severity index/potential severity in order to improve staff performance & patient care.
  6. Serves as a resource person by consulting with nursing/pharmacy concerning professional & education problems related to medication and/or medication safety.
  7. Analyzes nursing techniques and other medication processes & recommends modifications.
  8. Coordinates with pharmacy/nursing/medical staff the trial of new products, facilitating education and training.
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