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Survey Results

01/17/2008 Results from ISMP survey on HIGH-ALERT medications
05/17/2007 Results from ISMP ADC survey
11/01/2006 Results from ISMP survey on topic of interest
08/01/2006 Results from ISMP survey on promethazine
07/13/2006 Results from ISMP survey on Medication Reconciliation
02/23/2006 Results from ISMP survey on IV Vincristine
08/26/2005 Readership Survey for Nurse Advise-ERR™
08/25/2005 National Survey of Safety Features with Pharmacy Computer Systems.
04/15/2005 ISMP Survey on State Licensing Boards Response to Medical Error
02/10/2005 Results for ISMP Survey on the truth about hospital formularies
03/11/2004 Results for ISMP Survey on Workplace Intimidation
12/04/2003 Results for ISMP Nurse Advise-ERR Readership Survey
10/16/2003 Results for ISMP Survey on high-alert medications
06/12/2003 Results for ISMP Survey on Vaccine Abbreviation Use
06/10/2003 Results for ISMP Survey on Educating Patients about Medications
02/06/2003 ISMP Survey on Internal and External Medication Error Reporting
06/26/2002 Pharmacy interventions can reduce clinical errors - Part I and Part II of findings from ISMP survey
03/06/2002 ISMP survey shows drug companies providing fewer unit dose packaged medications
12/31/2001 Leapfrog Group's Patient Safety Survey Results Summary
08/22/2001 ISMP survey on perceptions of a nonpunitive culture produces some surprising results
03/21/2001 National Survey on Drug Shortages Reveals High Level of Frustration, Low Regard for Safety
11/15/200 ISMP survey shows weaknesses persist in hospital systems for error detection, reporting and analysis
04/19/2000 Hospital survey shows much more needs to be done to protect pediatric patients from medication errors
02/09/2000 Survey shows how hospitals use the ISMP Medication Safety Alert! to improve medication safety
06/16/1999 Survey of automated dispensing shows need for practice improvements and safer system design
02/10/1999 Over-reliance on pharmacy computer systems may place patients at great risk
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