ISMP Medication Safety Alert!® Readership Survey

It's been a year since we changed the look of the ISMP Medication Safety Alert! Please take a few minutes to complete the survey below to let us know what you think of both the format and content of the newsletter. Submit your responses by May 14, 2004. Your participation will help us to continue to improve the newsletter and widen its distribution to better serve you and your patients.

Tell us your thoughts about the content and format of the ISMP Medication Safety Alert! by checking the box that best describes your opinion. Use the following scale: 1=strongly disagree with the statement; 5=strongly agree with the statement.
Content and Format Statements  
1. The newsletter increases my understanding of the causes of errors.
2. The newsletter increases my understanding of how to prevent errors.
3. The recommendations for error prevention are practical and helpful.
4. Many of the newsletter recommendations could be implemented in my hospital.
5. The information is relevant to my practice.
6. The information is presented in an easy-to-read, organized manner.
7. The content is presented at an appropriate academic level.
8. The content stimulates discussion among my colleagues.
9. The newsletter print is clear and legible.

Please check the appropriate responses to these statements. (NA/DK = "Not Applicable" or "Don't Know")
General Statements
10. I find the frequency of publication to be:

   a. just right

   b. too often

   c. not often enough

11. I find the number of pages:

   a. just right.

   b. too many pages

   c. too few pages

12. I have referenced past issues of the newsletter and used them as a resource when planning medication error-reduction strategies at my hospital.

13. I have used information from the newsletter to:

   a. make changes in my unit/department.*

   b. make changes in my individual practice.*

   c. collaborate with other disciplines to make changes in my hospital.*

14. I have visited the ISMP website for additional information.*

*If you answered "Yes" to any statements in item 13 or 14, please use this comments section to provide an example.

What topics would you like to see covered in Nurse Advise-ERR?
15. In future issues:
16. In a readership survey:

Please check the category that best describes your practice. Other:


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