ISMP Survey on Pharmacy Interventions

Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey regarding pharmacy interventions at your practice site. Pharmacy interventions involve detecting errors, discrepancies, or opportunities for improved patient care while performing routine pharmacy functions. This survey is designed for pharmacists to determine the environment in which pharmacy interventions occur, the most common types of interventions, processes used to collect and record interventions, and whether the data is used to improve care. Please submit your responses (one survey per pharmacy, please) through our web site, (or fax at 215-914-1492) by May 24, 2002. Thank you!

1) Please rate the effectiveness of the following factors related to your pharmacists' ability to perform interventions using the following scale: 1 = factor IS NOT present in my facility and poses a significant barrier to interventions, 5 = factor IS present in my facility and clearly facilitates interventions.
Factors related to pharmacy interventions
NOT present
in my facility

4 5
present in
my facility
a) Easy access to patient information (allergies, labs, height, weight, age, etc.)
b) Easy access to drug information (Internet access, references, etc.)
c) Proper technological support (software to aid in clinical decision making)
d) Sufficient clinical skill (of pharmacists)
e) Adequate staffing levels (allows/does not allow time for interventions)
f) Positive staff motivation to perform pharmacy interventions
g) Availability of drug appropriateness criteria, standards of care
h) Leadership commitment, facilitative organizational culture
i) Efficient process to document interventions (score 1 if no process in place)
j) Other:
2) Please indicate if you provide pharmacy intervention services for the following categories. Please specify if the intervention service is provided as part of the routine daily activities in the pharmacy (often performed in the pharmacy) and/or as a specific targeted clinical program (often performed in patient care units) by placing a check mark in the appropriate box(es). .
Intervention categories Not performed Routine activities Targeted activities
a) antimicrobial therapy
b) anticoagulation therapy
c) narcotics/pain control services
d) drug dose verification
e) appropriateness of drug selection
f) renal dosing
g) monitor special patient populations (pediatrics, oncology, elderly, etc.)
h) detecting patient allergies related to prescribed therapy
i) verify order completeness
j) identify dangerous abbreviations, dose expressions
k) other:
3. Please check yes or no, or fill in the blank, to answer the following questions about your pharmacy interventions.
a) As a whole, does the medical staff respond well to pharmacist's interventions? Yes  No
b) What % of clinical interventions is communicated directly to the prescriber (vs. delayed notification via paper)?
c) What % of clinical recommendations by pharmacists does the medical staff accept?
d) Are pharmacy interventions included as a measure of performance in evaluating all pharmacists (clinical and dispensing)? Yes  No
e) Are pharmacy interventions routinely documented? If no, skip to the end. Yes  No
f) Are factors related to the prescribing errors identified by pharmacists presented to committees/staff for the purpose of improving the prescribing process? Yes  No
g) Is the documentation of pharmacy interventions detailed enough to drive improvement? Yes  No
h) In the past year, have pharmacy interventions been used to plan and carry out medical staff education? Yes  No
i) Excluding prescriber education, have pharmacy interventions been used in the past year to improve the prescribing process (establish guidelines, protocols, standardized order sets, limit choices, etc.)? Yes  No
j) How are pharmacy interventions documented?
4. Please tell us about your facility
a) Type of facility: d) Pharmacy residency training offered? Yes  No
b) Size: e) Physician residency training offered? Yes  No
c) State: f) Group Purchasing Organization:


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