Welcome to the ISMP Medication Safety Alert! Nurse Advise-ERR, a medication safety newsletter designed specifically to meet the needs of nurses who transcribe medication orders, administer medications, and monitor the effects of medications on patients. This monthly, two-four page newsletter will be offered FREE in 2016 to acute care hospitals, behavioral health facilities, community health clinics, surgical centers, and birthing centers, and to faculty at academic settings thanks to restricted grants from Baxter Healthcare and BD. Those who work in other settings can still purchase an individual subscription for $15 or a reduced-rate organizational subscription for $50. Regular features include detailed anonymous accounts of reported errors, checklists of evidence-based error reduction strategies, and short 'safety wires' that offer quick tips regarding safe medication practices. Free CEUs are available in July and January.

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July 2016

In this month's issue:

  • Reporting and second-order problem solving can turn short-term fixes into long-term remedies
  • Communicate insulin dose and concentration on separate lines
  • Fifty hospital employees given insulin instead of influenza vaccine
  • A liquid dose cup you can read.

Special announcements:

  • New ISMP safety video series
    • ISMP has just released the first in a series of "video newsletters" being produced in partnership with Temple University School of Pharmacy. The videos are designed to provide insight on emerging medication safety issues and a quarterly summary of top content from our newsletters. The first video, found at:, focuses on:
      • IV Push Medication Use: Findings and guidelines for managing risk that were developed after a national ISMP summit.
      • Eliminating Ratio Expressions: New United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) requirements to remove ratio expressions in drug labeling.
      • ISMP's Targeted Medication Safety Best Practices: Highlights of the 2016-2017 practices that address issues that continue to cause fatal and harmful errors.
  • CE credit now available
    • One hour of free Nursing CE credit covering the January - June 2016 issues of Nurse AdviseERR is available.
    • For details, go to:

Nurse Advise-ERR® is offered free in 2014 to nurses who work in US acute care hospitals, behavioral health facilities, community health clinics, surgical centers, and birthing centers; and faculty at academic settings to allow for free redistribution to students, thanks to educational grants from Baxter Healthcare and BD. We encourage you to designate a primary subscriber in your organization who then redistributes it to as many nurses as possible in your healthcare system.

Back issues of the newsletter are available at:
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ATTENTION CANADIAN NURSES: ISMP Canada is pleased to distribute this newsletter to Canadian nurses. Please subscribe via this link:

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