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The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) makes communication and education about medication errors a priority, publishing five electronic medication safety newsletters for healthcare professionals and consumers that collectively reach more than three million readers. ISMP’s newsletters are widely recognized as some of the most timely and comprehensive medical alert systems in the world.

ISMP Medication Safety Alert!® Acute Care edition, sent biweekly via email, is the nation’s only publication reaching nearly every US hospital with vital and potentially lifesaving information on medication and device errors, adverse drug reactions, and practical prevention strategies that can be implemented within your organization. In addition to the newsletter, subscribers receive special alerts about serious errors or information that requires immediate attention.



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ISMP Medication Safety Alert!® Community/Ambulatory Care edition, sent monthly via email, is targeted toward pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, nurses, physicians, and other community health professionals. This newsletter provides timely information about medication-related errors and adverse drug reactions and their implications for community practice sites, and offers recommendations on how to improve medication safety within the community setting.

ISMP Nurse AdviseERR®, sent monthly via email, is designed to meet the medication safety information needs of nurses who transcribe orders, administer medications, and monitor the effects of medications on patients. This newsletter offers detailed error reports and checklists of evidence-based error reduction strategies that nurses can utilize in their practice setting.

Long Term Care NewsletterISMP Long-Term Care AdviseERR is a monthly newsletter, specifically tailored to clinicians working in the long-term care setting. This newsletter provides timely medication safety information to staff working with resident populations that are often elderly, frail, dependent, complex in nature, and fraught with many different illnesses and dysfunctions. As needed, the newsletter is used as a vehicle to quickly and widely disseminate hazard warnings about very serious or potentially fatal drug safety issues that impact long-term care.

Safe Medicine®, published every other month, is the only consumer health education newsletter that focuses specifically on the prevention of medication errors. This ISMP newsletter teaches consumers to become active partners with their healthcare providers and assume a leading role in ensuring safe medication use.



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