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Highlighted article:
Possible risk of injury following EpiPen Jr injection

  • Breast milk mix-ups at daycare facilities
  • Dial-up, then push the button.
  • Angeliq - not a birth control pill!
  • Advice from FDA6 tip-offs to rip-offs: Don't fall for health fraud scams


Highlighted article:
Most accidental poisonings in children occur when medicine is not in its normal storage location

  • Naturally speaking...Are you taking the right dose of vitamins?
  • Advice from FDATeens and steroids: A dangerous combo
  • Issues with Medtronic MiniMed Revel insulin pump
  • Get your flu vaccine now!
  • Use your smartphone to improve safety.


Highlighted article:
FDA approves home-use auto-injector to treat opioid overdoses

  • We have a new look(the PDF version of our newsletter has a fresh new look)
  • Advice from FDAFDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA warns of next-day impairment with sleep aid
  • Fleet enema label is misleading - It's not just "saline"
  • to ERR is Human...Medicine Missteps (common practices may be unsafe)
  • Nice Catch: Follow through on concerns


Highlighted article:
Can't swallow pills? Teach children or adults how, or learn when it's not safe to crush medicines

  • Talking labels. (Available for the visually impaired)
  • Insulin pens should not be shared!
  • Advice from FDAPost-surgery codeine puts kids at risk


Highlighted article:
Two FDA moves would reduce bleeding risks with Pradaxa

  • In the news...Heart risks lower with Aleve than with Advil and Motrin
  • Children can open medicines with an "arthritis cap."
  • Alcohol and acetaminophen: may be double trouble.
  • The PROTECT Initiative: Advancing Children's Medication Safety (
  • Advice from FDASome wart removers are flammable


Highlighted article:
Help "Give birth to the end of Hep B"

  • Worth Repeating...Beware when using Clear Care
  • New consumer video (safety with prescription pain medicine)
  • Simply Saline simply isn't.
  • Reduce Ambien dose.
  • Advice from FDAReducing the risk of accidental exposure to pain patches
  • National Poison Prevention Week: March 16-22, 2014 (

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