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Highlighted article:
Myths associated with deadly medicine errors in the home

***The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP)

wishes you a healthy and happy holiday season!***

  • Advice from FDA: FDA researchers advance science for vaccines to prevent mumps and whooping cough
  • Are you taking the right OTC pain medicine?
  • Don't be shy.


Highlighted article:
Measurement mishaps with liquid medicines

  • Narcan available in US schools to treat drug overdoses
  • Advice from FDA: Aspirin-containing antacid medicines can cause bleeding
  • New U-500 insulin syringe.
  • Time to get your flu shot


Highlighted article:
A new warning for consumers: Many common medicines and herbals can cause or worsen heart failure

  • Advice from FDA: Potential for disabling side effects from certain antibiotics
  • Certain medicines increase the risk of heatstroke.
  • Ask about safety caps.
  • Cup with wrong measurement marking.
  • Helpful resource: Free ISMP resources - Consumer leaflets in Spanish.


Highlighted article:
Breathing easier: Safe use of inhaled medicines

  • Don't squeeze the round DROP-TAINER.
  • HealthAlert! Avoid giving tramadol to children.
  • Advice from FDA: Loose safety seals have potential risks


Highlighted article:
Accidental poisonings of babies: Birth to 6 months How they happen and what you can do to prevent them

  • A persistent, burning problem with hydrogen peroxide contact lens solutions such as Clear Care
  • Advice from FDA: Injectable skin lightening products: What you should know
  • Talk Before You Take: Maximizing the benefits and minimizing the risks
  • A useful medication-management app. (
  • Confusing imprint codes.


Highlighted article:
Oral chemotherapy: Not just an ordinary pill

  • Avoid numbing medicine for baby's teething discomfort
  • Advice from FDA: Get set for a healthy winter season
  • Brintellix and Brilinta mix-ups.
  • Demonstration pack mistaken as starter pack.

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