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December 15, 2016

Happy Holidays from the staff and trustees at the

Institute for Safe Medication Practices.

We wish you joy, health, and happiness this holiday season!


In this week's issue:

  • Putting Our Boots On to Kick off the 19th Annual ISMP Cheers Awards
  • Potential issues with new basal insulin/GLP-1 fixed combinations New Safety challenges?
  • Dr. Reddy's ASHP exhibit giveaway measures liquids incorrectly.
  • FentaNYL diversion alert.
  • HydrOXYzine - hydroxyurea mix-up.
  • More outpatient oral cancer drugs should be in blister packs.
  • The next newsletter will be published in 2017 on January 12. See you next year!

Special announcements:

  • ISMP Fellowships
    • The ISMP Safe Management Fellowship, sponsored by Baxter International Inc., is a unique 12-month learning opportunity that educates a healthcare practitioner in error prevention and safe medication use methods at the ISMP office in Horsham (near Philadelphia), PA.
    • The FDA/SMP Safe Medication Management Fellowship is also a yearlong learning opportunity that allows the healthcare practitioner to spend 6 months at the ISMP office in Horsham, PA and 6 months at the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Division of Medication Error Prevention and Analysis office in Silver Spring, MD (near Washington DC).
    • Applications for both 2016-2017 fellowships are due March 31, 2017.
    • For more information, visit:
  • ISMP webinar
    • January 25, 2017: Starting at the Top: Strategies to Enhance the Safety of Prescribing Practices
    • For details and to register, visit:
  • Plan to attend a 2017 MSI workshop
    • Join safety-minded colleagues at one of our Medication Safety INTENSIVE (MSI) workshops this year. This hands-on workshop will help you learn to identify, analyze, and control medication safety risks using real-world case examples for practice.
      • March 23-24: Austin, TX
      • September 21-22: Hackensack, NJ
      • December 1-2: Orlando, FL
    • For more information, go to:

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