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The following are excerpts from the newsletter

October 9, 1996

  • Don't confuse new liposomal doxorubicin formulation with conventional doxorubicin.
  • Insulin infusions require added precautions
  • Rapid onset of new insulin Lispro (Humalg, Lilly) not well recognised by all.
  • Safety Briefs:
    • Can the exact same brand name be used for more than one medical product at a time?
    • An error in an error prevention publication?
    • Abbott PCA Plus II Infusor still needs software changes.
    • Purchasing organizations work with corporate sponsors to supply subscriptions to ISMP Medication Safety Alert.
    • Dosing problems with fosphenytoin.
    • FDA plans enhanced attack on preventing medication errors.
    • Patient with aspirin allergy given ToradolO has cardiac arrest and is now comatose.

October 23, 1996

  • Fosphenytoin sodium injection's phenytoin equivalency requirement fosters confusion
  • Revise insulin administration procedures and educate for smooth transition to insulin lispro.
  • Safety Briefs:
    • Techniques for preeventing confusion of dopamine and dobutamine.
    • Report of misinterpertation of trade name suffix and dosing information.
    • Excercise care with flu vaccine. Vials are similar in shape and size to other drugs.
    • Check dose on Atrovent®... use leading zero!!
    • SmithKline Beech changes labeling
    • ASCP issues position statement on medication return.
    • Neocate® and Neocare® are similar enteral feeding products.
    • Possible confusion of Zyprexa® and Zyrtec® based on similarity of names.
    • Drug reference misleads on proper route of administration.
    • Problems with preprinted TPN order forms

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